September 17, 2010

Friend Me!

 I just wanted to say that Jerry and I have arrived in England and are staying with the Waynforth family in Norfolk. We're having a great time, but I'm not sure I'll be posting much on the blog. I am putting pictures on Facebook, though, so please friend me on Facebook (Colleen Paeff) if you want to follow along with our European Adventure!


Sheri said...

If ever I was tempted to start my Facebook account up again, this would be it.

Still, I likely won't and will wait for whatever bloggy updates I get.


Enjoy the trip!

alex trumpe said...

Awesome! Sweet blog! :-) Come check out mine. If you like it, please become a follower. I would really appreciate it with all of my heart.


Serendipity is Sweet said...

How awesome! Have a wonderful time! I'm envious. I lived in Norfolk, VA for years. I'm sure Norfolk, England is more exciting :)

Sheri said...

Hi Colleen!

Hope things are well in London or Greece, wherever you are. :D

Just letting you know I nominated you for a blog award...check out my site for details.