June 20, 2008

Places I Have Lived

Lune has created a meme called 5 Places I Have Lived as part of NaBloPoMo. And she tagged me! It's my first meme!! Here goes:

Places I Have Lived & Five Memories About Each Place 
(sometimes there are more than five--I couldn't stop myself)

Golden Avenue - Placentia, CA
  • The birthday party when my mom dropped my barbie doll cake as she was carrying it to the table.
  • The day my parents left me at home with my grandmother and told me very clearly not to ride double on anyone's bicycle.
  • Sitting on the handle bars of a six grade girl's bike, zooming through an empty lot until my leg got caught in the spoke. Screaming in pain as the girl rode away.
  • A guy from the apartment across the street picking me up, carrying me into his apartment and playing the guitar for me until my grandmother came to get me.
  • The nurse at the hospital gouging the underside of my toes with her painted fingernails as she held my leg up while the doctor wrapped it in a cast. The nurse yelling at me when I cried.
  • Starting kindergarten with a cast on my leg.

Deodar Lane - Chino, CA
  • Spending the night at my best friend's while my little brother was being born in our house next door.
  • Standing outside in the middle of a swarm thinking they were flies until my mother yelled from the front door, "Come inside! They're bees!"
  • Looking at my best friend's dad's Playboy magazines in their garage. Trying to imitate the poses.
  • Someone yelling, "Next time your dog comes into my yard I'm going to break it's neck!" Sobbing.
  • My little sister and my best friend's younger brother walking out the door fully clothed and returning naked and covered in mud. The screams and giggles when my mom hosed them down in the front yard.
  • Sitting on the living room sofa, hugging my best friend tight, trying to work up a few tears, while a real estate agent walked through the house with my mom. We thought the woman might refuse to sell the house if she could see what an amazing friendship she'd be tearing apart in the process. It didn't work.

Hayden Avenue - Corona, CA
  • Finding a training bra in my Christmas stocking. Wanting to crawl under the couch and hide.
  • The night my best friend started her period and her mom took us to the store to buy sanitary napkins and told the checker, "This is our first box of these." Wanting to crawl under the cash register and hide.
  • My mom throwing my brother's toy airplane into the trash compactor and pressing "on" while my brother screamed and my sister and I cried.
  • Walking down the dirt road and along the trail to the old abandoned farm. Writing my name in the dirt.
  • Having a friend spend the night in my bed only to wake up with a damp circle underneath me. Wanting to crawl under the bed and hide until my mom pointed out that my waterbed had a leak.

Aragon Lane - San Ramon, CA (the middle school years)
  • Sitting in the shade of a sycamore tree, playing truth or dare with the neighborhood kids when Randy P. kissed me on a dare. Everyone said I kissed back. Wanting to crawl behind the tree and hide.
  • My sister sleepwalking to my room in the middle of the night and asking me what it was like to kiss a boy. Laughing.
  • Couples skate at the Golden Skate when my first boyfriend gave me my first real kiss at the end of the song. In front of a million people. Wanting to melt into the floor and hide.
  • Singing "Hit me with your best shot" by Pat Benetar in my friend Tammy's basement.
  • When the girl who lived across the street from Tammy went on vacation with her mom and brother and her dad hung himself in the bathroom while they were away. 
Mohawk Circle - San Ramon, CA (the high school years)
  • Being quoted in the newspaper after winning a songleading competition, saying "I'm so happy I feel like I could do flip flops around the gym." Wanting to crawl under the couch and hide.
  • My boyfriend, Ben, hanging out at my house with his friends (all sporting mohawks, dark eyeliner, chains, and Doc Martens) and my brother rounding up his friends to gawk. 
  • Trying to decide if I should tell her mom when my best friend tried to kill herself. I told.
  • My sister finding birth control pills in a suitcase I'd brought back from college, looking at me wide-eyed with shock and saying, "I know what these are!"
  • Finding out there had been a prostitution ring being run from the ice cream place near my high school and being mildly insulted that no one had asked me to join. I would have said no, but they could have asked at least.
Fullerton, CA (the college years)
  • Driving my grandpa's yellow 1967 mustang.
  • Making a soundtrack for my suicide. (Never ended up playing that mix tape though.)
  • Finding out my boyfriend was moving to New Mexico the following day and not having enough gas in my car to see him before he left. Crying to some random guy in the bank parking lot after they refused to cash my check. Asking him if I could borrow five bucks for gas. Crying the whole way as I drove to my boyfriend's place at the beach.
  • When I broke up with my boyfriend (a different one) and he went from boyfriend to stalker and then claimed he was going blind and got my best friend to guide him around the mall. Finding out he was a compulsive liar.
  • My future husband calling me up the weekend after we met and saying "I'm going to see a play this weekend...You can come if you want." Him showing up with a flower he'd picked from someone's garden and a golden Boy Scout pin he'd found at a second hand store. 
  • Calling my mom and telling her I'd met the man I was going to marry.

Garden Avenue - Los Angeles, CA
  • Buying our first computer.
  • Sitting at our kitchen table crying on the day my parents had to put Bandi, our family dog, to sleep.
  • Warren buying a 1967 Dodge Dart for $600 and the guy he bought it from asking if he could paint me sometime.
  • Packing up the Dart with all our stuff and leaving it in a friend's driveway while we backpacked around Europe for three months.
  • When Warren went to work in Australia for three (or was it five?) months and I went to visit for a week and came back feeling tired. When I realized my period was late and told my best friend I would have an abortion if I was pregnant. Buying a pregnancy test and crying when the test came out positive. Rereading the instructions over and over thinking I'd made a mistake. Trying to read the instructions in Spanish thinking the outcome might be different in another language. Not being able to get ahold of Warren in Australia. Not being able to stop my body from shaking when he finally called back at 2 am and I said, "How would you feel about making our family a little larger?" Knowing I could not possibly have an abortion.
Crestmont Avenue - Los Angeles, CA
  • Having an empty living room because I refused to bring our ugly old futon into our first house.
  • Walking past windows, catching my reflection and thinking, "Who is that pregnant lady?"
  • When my car was stolen from in front of our house late at night on the very day I had finally paid off the loan. 
  • Asking my midwife if anyone had ever given birth and then not actually wanted to hold the baby because of all that gross stuff that's all over it's body when it comes out. The midwife laughing and telling me no.
  • The morning my water broke--but was just leaking. Sitting around the house with my mom and my friend Gabbi for the next 24 hours, waiting for labor to begin. Trying to speed things along by drinking a tablespoon of castor oil and almost barfing it up.
  • Going into labor. Realizing that when they said you had to push the baby out they were serious--I'd always thought it was more figurative. Holding my son in my arms and thinking everything about him, including the gross stuff all over his body, was perfect. Falling in love.

And now I'm tagging:
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Here are the instrustions from Lune: 
Have fun, remember 5 memories from places you have called home and 5 new bloggers from around the world, then send them a link to tell them they have been tagged. If you feel that a location just gives too much a way, just write ‘House #1′, ‘House #2′ etc. Good Luck and I can’t wait to read your meme lists.

Thanks Lune for tagging me. I had a great time dredging up all those memories. :)

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