June 24, 2008

Goodbye Good Tree

These are the pictures I would have posted yesterday if I'd had my camera cable when I sat down to write my blog post. This is our pine tree (and a little corner of our deck) as seen from the sliding glass door in our kitchen. It's huge and has probably been there forever. But we're building a new deck and for a number of reasons (including space for a bigger deck, fire safety and an intense dislike for the feel of sap on our feet/shoes/floors) we've had the tree removed. And the deck too. The deck is no big deal because we're building another one, but the tree--you can't just build another tree. Sure, you can plant one but it will be years before we have another tree like this in our yard. It was a sad day.

The worker started with the deck. He tied himself to the tree for safety but it still looked extremely unsafe to me. I'm sure all my nail biting as I watched him through the window didn't help.
Once the deck was gone he started on the tree.
Our formerly magestic pine tree was reduced to looking like a pathetic stalk of broccoli.
Meanwhile, Jerry wondered if it was possible to fuse together two balloons with a flame. So we did a little experiment.
It's not possible to fuse together two balloons with a flame. It is, however, very smelly.
All the while the chain saw was buzzing.
Until the tree was nothing more than a stump.
Once the stump was leveled to the ground the stump grinder took over,
and we were left with sawdust where there had once been a tree.
I think a funeral service might be in order.

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