June 27, 2008

Super Cool Science

Holly, at Unschool Days, had a great post on science the other day, so I thought I'd give you some links to a few of the super cool science links I've discovered recently.

This is one of my favorite science sites. If you join his mailing list you get a different science experiment in your inbox each week. I recently discovered an experiment that related to a current topic of interest in our house--balloons. Remember when Jerry tried to fuse together two balloons with a flame and we ended up with two holey balloons and a very bad stench? Well, it turns out there is a way to put a flame to a balloon without melting it! A water balloon can sit over a flame until the water boils and it will not pop or melt because the water inside the balloon absorbs the heat. Pretty cool, eh? Check out the video here.

JJ linked to this series of videos  posted on the Homeschooling Freethinkers site, which by the way has some terrific resources including this list of recommended books on popular science. The video is a series in eleven parts about the big bang and how we got from there to human migration out of Africa. 

This is something I discovered when we first started homeschooling last September. It explains the cause of the mysterious behavior that caused Salem's inhabitants to cry, "Witch." The culprit? A fungus found in rye flour--and it's linked to LSD. Far out, man!

This may have been famous before, but it was made fabulous by the Waynforth family at the Life is Good conference this year, when they recreated it for the talent show. Technically it's math but math and science are so closely linked I figure it's okay to include this in my super cool science page. And as long as we're talking about algorithms...

The title says it all. Jerry loves these videos.

Rolfe Schmidt and his family found a true scale model of the universe in Warnemunde, Germany! It's really, really big--like you'd-have-to-walk-for-miles-to-see-the-whole-thing big.

I know I have a link to this in my sidebar but I just had to give it another plug because it's so darn cool. Be sure to check out the videos/podcasts

This is a link back to one of my posts from November of last year, describing one of the best science experiments ever. In the world. Really.

There you have it. If anyone has further suggestions for this list put a link in the comments and I'll add to it.

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