November 15, 2007

Fun With Science (Ice Bulb)

I've been meaning to share some photos of our super cool science project with you. Since Jerry's been sick all day, and we were up most of the night, I thought this would be an excellent day for a photo essay.

The Ice Bulb

These are the supplies we used.

Jerry stripped the end of two electrical wires then attached them to an LED.

We don't have a photo of me sticking the little wired LED into a balloon, filling it with water, then tying the balloon in a knot. Luckily, there's no record of the words I used while knotting the balloon with those stupid wires sticking out the end either.

Here it is in the freezer.

A few hours later we stripped off the balloon, attached the wires to a couple batteries and...Voila!
It turns green, too. Learn to make your own Ice Bulb by clicking here. According to the video, you just need to touch the wires to the ends of two batteries to make the bulb light up, but we ended up needing to use a battery pack thing (a plastic device with slots for two AA batteries) from an electricity set we happened to have. If anyone knows why it wouldn't work with just the batteries will you let me know? And if you know the real name for a battery pack thing I'd be doubly grateful!

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