June 16, 2008

PC Building 101

We're gearing up for the big project: Building a Gaming PC. As I mentioned before, at the Maker Faire we bought a book called Building the Perfect PC. It walks you through the process of building several types of computers and offers step-by-step instructions with photos. But the book came out in December of 2006. So most of the parts are outdated by now and I've been in a state of paralysis, not knowing how to choose between the gazzilions of parts on the market. I tried a few online forums but most everyone was building super high tech (i.e., expensive) stuff. Then we went to our local Fry's to browse the PC components aisle, thinking we might get some ideas there. But I ended up feeling totally overwhelmed. 
We had to put the project on hold while I recovered. 

Today, however, is the deadline for the monthly article I pen for our neighborhood newspaper and well--I haven't started it. It's only a short piece--300-400 words. And I only just interviewed the guy yesterday so it's not like I could've written it before today. And "today" goes all the way 'til midnight tonight so that gives me, you know, like another six hours to get it done. So it seemed like the perfect day to start working on the PC. And then post about it on my blog. Heck, I might even clean out a closet or two before the day is over. But I digress.

Today I found two articles about building a gaming PC--both written in the last few months and they list components! This article lists parts for a $1000 PC. And this is more of a budget model at $500. (I'm leaning toward the budget model.) So thanks to today's discoveries I feel like we have a jumping off place. We're going to read both articles and compare the parts and prices, referring back to our book to figure out what exactly we're supposed to be looking for in each component because, unlike wine, PC components do not have beautiful, artistic labels to help in the decision making process. Also, they're slightly more expensive than wine. Some wine. The kind of wine I drink, anyway. Mmmm, a glass of wine would be good right now. 

Okay then. Wine. Clean out closets. Write article. 

Right. I'd better get busy.

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