June 4, 2008

A Typical Day

There's really no such thing as a typical day of unschooling but I figure that every now and then I should write down how we spend our time so people on the outside looking in have a better idea of what unschooling looks like. Here's how we spent the day yesterday:

I woke up a couple hours before Jerry and had some tea while working at the computer (blog/newsletter/e-mail, etc.). Jerry made his way into the kitchen around 8:00 wanting a cuddle on the couch so we snuggled up in the living room for a bit while I told him about the science book I've been reading. We talked about atoms and the amount of empty space in them and how amazing it is that we don't just fall right through the floor.

Jerry showed me his new favorite You Tube video, "Mean Kitty," and we watched a few more videos before I went back to my own computer to finish my blog post while Jerry multi-tasked with the computer on his lap and cartoons on the television. An hour or so later he was ready for breakfast so he came into the kitchen and sat at the table with his laptop while I made pancakes. We listened to "Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy," which we had started on our way home from Sacramento.

We continued listening to the audio book for the rest of the morning. I cleaned the kitchen. Jerry researched creating dashboard widgets online and discovered he would need to know some html. We looked up books about html on the library website. Jerry did a wooden puzzle that we got in New Zealand.

Around noon he went back to researching making a widget then checked out some stick figure animation on You Tube (he'd been playing with the pivot application at my aunt and uncle's--we can't get it for our Macs). He found a really cool Line Rider vs Pivot video.

When the audio book ended we ate lunch, Jerry had a bath, and then we went to the library. Jerry got some One Piece, and O-Parts Hunter manga, Shocking Science: Fun and Fascinating Electrical Experiments, and some kids books on developing a web page. I got a physics book and Worms Eat My Garbage, which I own but cannot seem to locate.

While we were at the library Jerry's best friend called to see if Jerry could come over so we went over to his house and read our library books while we waited for him and his mom to get back from an appointment. 

I thought I'd go to the Griffith Park Observatory while Jerry was at his friends (he had said he didn't want to go with me) but first I stopped by to visit the 92-year-old man I volunteer for on Saturday mornings. He happened to be out in his garden and invited me in for a cup of tea. We listened to the last part of Obama's speech from Minnesota and talked about what we would do on Saturday, then I left for the observatory where I viewed Saturn (rings and all!) through their giant telescope, looked at their periodic table of elements, and tried to wrap my head around the tilt of the earth as it circles the sun (I'd been having a hard time visualizing it but they've got a great model of it there).

I went back to pick Jerry up. He and his friend had created a fort, jumped on the trampoline, and spent some time down the street at another friend's house. We got home late (10 pm) and Warren was home from work. I made some dinner (Jerry hadn't eaten at his friend's), we ate, read a bit, then went to bed.

The End!

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