June 19, 2008

I'm Famous!

Okay, famous may be a slight exaggeration. But I'm in a book! Well, not me exactly. My blog. This blog. The very blog you are reading now is featured in Tammy Takahashi's new book Deschooling Gently. Isn't that cool!? Tammy had asked if she could put the Graph of My Emotional State While Deschooling (the fact that I bothered to graph it should tell you something--it wasn't pretty) into her book shortly after I'd posted it. I said, "Go for it!" and then kinda forgot about it. 

Until this afternoon I wasn't even sure if my graph had actually made it into the book. Yes, I know I could have sent an e-mail and asked. But that didn't occur to me. Also, if the answer was no I didn't especially want to hear it. It's kinda like that thing you do with your checking account when you're broke. You know how you just try not to look at it? No? Okay, it's the kind of thing I do when I'm broke. Anyway, I ordered the book a few days ago and figured I'd find out when I got it. But it hasn't arrived yet.

However, today was park day and Tammy was there with copies of her book! And the graph is in! And I met Tammy, which was really cool because I knew she lived nearby and was part of our homeschool group (the rockin'est homeschool group ever) but I'd never actually met her before. Pretty cool, eh?

I know I shouldn't really tell you all to buy the book since I haven't read it yet, but it is getting great reviews. Summer over at Mom is Teaching gave it 5 out of 5 stars and said it's "perfect for new homeschooling parents yet still a great read for the more experienced ones who are feeling stuck in a hamster wheel." And a bunch of people at park day today said it's a terrific book to give to concerned family members. And, of course, if you read Tammy's blog you already know she's a joy to read--honest and smart and totally in tune with what's happening in the diverse world of homeschooling. Aw, heck. What am I waiting for? Buy the book! 

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