October 2, 2007

A Tall Glass Of Whine

I need a friend. She should be a seasoned unschooler, as full of wisdom as I am full of doubts. She needs to live in Los Angeles and she should be planning on staying for a while because I'm tired of having my friends move away. If her husband happens to work in the film industry so much the better. While our husbands are working twelve to eighteen hour days, we'll have dinner with the kids, go on field trips and plan fun (and educational!) vacations. We'll share our whines over wine!

As you can no doubt tell, I took another ride on the deschooling express and it's going downhill fast. This whole unschooling business just seems too easy. We're having fun. J is taking a few classes in subjects that interest him, so I know he's learning something in the traditional sense. But all this fun is making me nervous. I mean, isn't learning supposed to be difficult? What am I doing to his future? Why can't I just pick an emotion (a happy one) and stick with it!?


Jessie said...

I don't know if you still come here, but I hope you do. I cannot stop reading your blog! We tried a program and after 1 day knew it wasn't for us, that was Tuesday. I spent the rest of Tuesday and yesterday looking at homeschooling blogs. While I like some of the ideas I decided to search unschooling, a term I only recently learned. And I found your blog. Thank you for sharing!

Colleen said...

Hi Jessie. I''m still here! :) Just not blogging. It's funny, I ran into someone recently who read my blog and she said she always wondered what happened to us and if everything worked out, so I guess I should write a follow up post just to say we're all alive and well and unschooling (quite "radically!"). Anyway, I'm so glad you found my blog and that it's been helpful for you. Things do get so much easier in the long run!