December 13, 2007

Blah, Part 2

Believe it or not I am still sick. Yep, still have a fever. Still feeling miserable. Though I did migrate from my bed to the couch today. I watched the entire BBC version of Pride & Prejudice and then watched This is Spinal Tap.

Thanks to everyone who has wished me well. Sorry I haven't had the energy to write comments back to everyone. I just feel so yucky and my brain is all out of whack. I've got to be feeling better by tomorrow. I can't believe this could possibly last any longer. I've been taking antibiotics since yesterday, so hopefully they'll kick in soon.

On a happier note, Warren and Jerry have been spending time together now that Warren is out of work. Warren showed Jerry how to use Final Cut Pro on his computer and Jerry has put a little video of our totally-out-of-control cats together with some music.

Oh! And Jerry and his best friend created a web site. It's on blogger so technically I suppose it's a blog but they're treating as a site. It's at Be sure to turn your volume down or off if you log on. It's loud. And I take no responsibility for the bizarre music video they put up. Jerry thinks it's hilarious.

I hope to be back to my normal self tomorrow but I've got three short newspaper articles to write by Saturday and guests coming in from Mexico on the same day. I'll still try to post about what we're up to, though it may be more "We did this" and "We went here" than my usual questioning and wondering and fretting. Maybe it'll be a nice break for you all. :)

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