May 19, 2008

Life Is Good

We're leaving tomorrow for the Life is Good Unschooling conference!! I'm so excited. Jerry isn't too keen on going but knows it's important for Warren to attend--he understands it's in his best interest for Warren to embrace the unschooling lifestyle. I think Jerry will love it, actually. It's just that it takes him a while to feel comfortable in group settings--he's much better one on one. But we'll arrive the night before the conference begins so I'm hoping he'll make some friends early on. That way by the time the conference has started he'll feel comfortable going off to the funshops with his new friends. 

We've made the trip into a bit of a vacation. Jerry and I will drive up to my mom and dad's in Sacramento on Tuesday, then fly to Portland for the conference on Wednesday (it was waaaay cheaper to fly out of Sacramento). Warren will meet us in Vancouver, WA on Saturday morning. We'll spend the weekend at the hotel with other unschoolers (yippee!) then Monday we'll spend the day in Portland (Yippee again! I've never been there.) before we put Warren on a plane back to Los Angeles. Tuesday morning Jerry and I will rent a car and drive out to my aunt and uncles new house on a lake in Belfair, Washington. We'll stay with them for three nights before heading back to my mom and dad's, where we'll spend the weekend, before coming home. Phew. Makes me tired just to think of all that driving and flying.

Oh, and even more exciting is the fact that we should be starting construction on our new deck the week that Jerry and I get back home! Hooray! Oh, and another thing--the excitement never stops--I got my worm bin in the mail on Saturday so I can start vermicomposting as soon as we return! Woohoo! Unschoolers! Lakes! Decks! Worm casting! Could life get any better? 

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