May 7, 2008

Home At Last/New Projects

We're all back in L.A. now. Me, Jerry, Warren, the dog, the cats, the hermit crab (the cats and the crab never left) and all of a sudden I don't know what to do with myself! It's only been a day and a half, though. We just got back from my parent's place on Monday. It was so nice to hang out with family again. And Patsy was crazy happy to see us. 

The Maker Faire was great! Here's a video someone posted on You Tube that gives a good overview of the event:

We saw the diet coke and mentos guys do their thing. There was a life-sized Mousetrap game. We saw a self-propelled Victorian house on wheels. And my friend Zefra met us there with her family so we got to see friends too! On Sunday Jerry hung out with some cousins he doesn't see much of so that was an unexpected bonus in an already terrific weekend. 

I'm continuing my cleaning spree now that we're home. When in doubt I clean. Did I mention before that this type of behavior is highly unusual for me? Yesterday I cleaned out and organized under the kitchen sink. It was dark and scary under there but I persisted and now it's beautiful. Well, maybe not beautiful--it's still under the kitchen sink--but it's better. And I've finally got all my cleaning ingredients (I make my own cleaning supplies) together in one place so I don't have to hunt for them (which is never good because usually by the time I've found them the desire to clean is gone).

Yesterday Jerry and I tried our hand at robotics. We soldered together a Mousebot we had purchased at Maker Faire. We got one motor working but the second motor wouldn't run so we took it off and resoldered it but in the process I melted the on/off switch into a permanent off position. So. Now we have to go to Radio Shack and see if we can find another on/off switch. Up until that point we were doing pretty well though. 

Oh, and we have a new project on the horizon. At the Maker Faire we bought a book on how to build your own PC so we're going to build a PC!! We only have Macs in our house and there are a lot of games Jerry wants to play that aren't available on Mac so I told him I'd supply the parts if he wants to build one with me. I'm going to read the entire book first and then we'll whip out our lab coats and pencil protectors and get started. I don't have the slightest idea how computers work and whenever I try to understand it my brain feels like it's going to explode so this should be. . .interesting. Hopefully there's no soldering required.

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