April 30, 2008

Off We Go, Again

And we're off. Again. This time it's just a quick trip to my parent's house in Sacramento to get our dog, Patsy--it feels strange here without her. While we're up north we're going to hop over to San Mateo on Saturday for the Maker Faire. I'm so glad we're able to go. It sounds awesome--the perfect unschoolers (and schoolers) day out. My parents will be joining us and hopefully my friend Zefra (yep, the one I said I'd take with me if we moved to New Zealand) will be there with her kids.

We're slowly settling in to life at home. I've been cleaning house like a maniac--very rare for me. I need to take advantage of the inspiration when it hits and boy has it hit hard. It's part of reclaiming my space, I think. Today I cleaned out and reorganized the kitchen pantry, washed all the blankets on our beds, and folded laundry.

We meant to get back to circus class with the homeschoolers today (Jerry's idea!) but both of us overslept so we missed it. Hopefully next week our body clocks will be back in sync with the rest of California. For now we're staying up really late, but absolutely loving being back in our own bed--my own bed, I should say. Jerry says he'll go back to his when Warren gets home. I love my bed! In fact, I think I should be in it now. So I'm going to stop writing, cuddle up under my freshly washed and sun dried blankets and read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, which I just checked out from the library (again). I love the library! And I love rediscovering all the things I love about home. Like Silverlake Wine. I walked there today and bought a bottle of crisp white wine. And our mechanic. He changed the oil on my car today. He's great! And Monkeyhouse Toys. Jerry and I stopped in to say hello to the owner when we picked the car up. I love her! And Netflix. We got three DVDs in the mail today. It's so convenient! I love Netflix! And--enough already. Geez. That's it--I have to stop. Now. This time I really am off to bed. (I love my bed!) Good night.

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