April 20, 2008

South Island Photos - Christchurch

The Antarctic Center is just across the road from the airport so as soon as we landed Jerry and I stored our luggage and walked across the street
where we experienced an Antarctic storm (it got much colder than 5 degrees!)an ice slide
and got up close and personal with some little Blue Penguins.
But the highlight of the day was our ride through an obstacle course, set up to resemble the South Pole with steep inclines and pools of water, in the Hagglund. Jerry LOVED it! We spent some time in the city center, too, drinking lots of hot chocolateand punting on the River Avon.
Here's Jerry all snuggled up on the boat.We stayed at a hostel that night where we met some really interesting people (a man from Pakistan and an Indian/Nepalese woman from Scotland) and Jerry got to watch some Cartoon Network. I highly recommend staying at hostels when traveling with kids. You almost always meet terrific people and you save so much money by using the kitchen facilities! There's a great one in Northern California that's right near an old lighthouse with amazing ocean views and loads of tide pools.

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