April 21, 2008

South Island Photos - Queenstown Day One

This was the view of Lake Wakatipu from our hostel (they call them backpackers) in Queenstown--minus the buildings. I zoomed in on the best part.Our first morning we discovered Caddyshack Mini-Golf. It's an indoor miniature golf center with a really cool interactive course. This is Jerry by the ski hole. Once you hit your ball into the hut on the bottom you get to watch it move up the chair lift, then roll down the ski slope.
Just outside the mini-golf place there was a bungy trampoline.
Later that afternoon we went jetboating on the Shotover River.
We sped through this canyon at about 70 km/hr. It's supposed to be really fun and exciting but I think I must have been in the wrong frame of mind. I kept wondering why the boats didn't have seat belts. And then, as we were careening around the rocks jutting into the river I realized I never googled "deaths + jet boating." I definitely meant to do that before putting my life into the hands of some thrill-seeking, twenty-something boat driver. I think I'll do that now. (Okay, so there was one crash back in 2001 and 11 people were injured. That's not so bad. Still, I think it's best that I forgot to check.)

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