April 20, 2008

Back In Auckland!

We made it out of Queenstown! The delay was almost exactly twenty-four hours. Both Warren and I had given up on spending the weekend together but the sky cleared just enough so Jerry and I landed in Christchurch around 5 p.m. on Saturday, had a quick dinner (NOT at the airport!) and headed to Akaroa with Warren. We didn't get there until late but woke early the next morning so we could enjoy the view from our deck while we sipped our tea before the way too early 10 a.m. check out. Jerry woke up early too so he could watch cartoons (still no Cartoon Network, though). Then we spent the day wandering around the town. We had a nice breakfast, went for a few walks, spent some time just watching the waves. It was very relaxing.

And now we're back for our final week in Auckland. We have to move out of our house on Friday, so we'll spend the last weekend back at the hotel where we began. I dreamt about our dog, Patsy, the other night. Throughout the entire dream I was just rubbing my fingers through her thick fur (and it didn't shed--that's how I knew it was a dream). I can't wait to see her. We'll arrive home on Monday and probably take a couple days to recover before heading up to my mom's on Thursday to bring her home.

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