April 20, 2008

South Island Photos - Dunedin

In Dunedin we stayed with Marcia's brother's family. He and his wife have four kids--the oldest was a boy just a couple years younger than Jerry. We went for a walk around a lake near their home.It was so pretty.They took us to the city center where we went to the museum. They had a whole room dedicated to the South Pacific Islands, with exhibits for some places I hadn't ever heard of. (Did you know there was a place called New Ireland!?) I was very happy to find one small exhibit on Kiribati.

This is the flag of Kiribati (it's pronounced kee-ree-bhass, by the way). I love this flag. But before I saw this flag on our map I had never heard of Kiribati. It's not one of those places that comes up in the news too often.

At the museum they had a model of a Kiribati warrior. He used the skin of a blow fish (or something like it) for head gear, so his head was all spiky. Pretty ingenious, really.

This is the Dunedin train station. 

After two nights in Dunedin Jerry and I boarded the historic Taieri Gorge Railway, at the Dunedin train station, for our trip to Queenstown.

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