April 13, 2008

A New Post

I'm cheating a bit here because I still haven't had time to sit down and read all the comments from that last post because we haven't had internet access at the hostel where we're staying. I just didn't want to leave my blog hanging around the blogosphere with that last post at the top because now we're having a great time. Jerry and I are spending the rest of the week in Queenstown, after spending some time in Christchurch, Oamaru and Dunedin. We'll meet Warren back in Christchurch on Saturday. Yesterday we rode a historic train through some amazing scenery. Today we went jetboating. Tomorrow we'll be spending the night onboard a boat on Doubtful Sound. I'm really looking forward to that! And throughout all of this travel we're getting along really well. Yippee!

I'm doing lots of thinking about parenting and coerciveness, though, and as soon as I have a quiet moment to read and ponder everyone's opinion I'll write down some of what's been on my mind--hopefully I'll get to be part of the discussion in the comments this time! :)

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