April 16, 2009

Bonjour Mes Amis!

Yes, I'm back and I'm speaking French! Why am I speaking French? Because my fervent desire to vacate this place and all the responsibilities I've acquired since my grandma died has come true! We're going to France! Better yet...it's a vacation. Not that I have anything against going to other countries when Warren is working there. That's nice too. But it's not a vacation because Warren is working. Sure Jerry and I travel around, but Warren never gets more than four days off in a row (and that has only happened once). But this time we'll leave together and come back together and we'll all experience the same things.

We found a family to swap houses and cars with. (Woohoo!!) They are in Tours (in the Loire Valley--chateau country) but also have a studio apartment in Paris at the base of the steps which lead up to the Sacre Coeur in Monmartre. So we're staying in Tours for two weeks, then we'll stay in Paris for a week. They have two teenage boys so their house is equipped with all the cool stuff we could ask for (ping pong table, bikes, scooters, etc.) and they will find our house similarly stocked. I'm so excited!! We're leaving L.A. on July 3 to take Patsy (our dog) to my mom's, will spend the 4th up there, and fly out of Sacramento on the 5th. Yippee!!

And, to make the trip even better, we're taking my niece along. She's 14 and she and Jerry get along really well. So Jerry will have someone his own age to hang out with and I'll have a girl to do girlie stuff with (shopping in Paris, the ballet...). It should be a fabulous three weeks.

So now I'm in a mad rush to get our house in order. I'm cleaing, organizing, getting rid of stuff, painting, planting and doing all the things I've thought about doing for, oh, about nine years, so our house will be presentable. It's so much more enjoyable to clean and organize when I know I'm doing it for a trip to France!

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