November 20, 2009

For Barbara

This is just a quick update for my Aunt Barbara because I know she hates it when I take a blogging break. I can't get over how busy we are all of a sudden! This week alone we've had dog walking every day, knitting circle, teen laser tag, a field trip to Rhythm & Hues (a visual effects house), Japanese class was canceled, so we went to the doctor's office instead (Jerry has a hang nail). Then, I had book club and worked for my 94-year-old friend, went to the library opening, interviewed someone (another 94-year-old!) for the local paper, and now my sister and her family are arriving tonight so I need to get our sadly neglected house back in shape and do laundry--lots of laundry. Oh, and we're starting LARP (Live Action Role Play) today!! And I wanted to go to a homeschool teen/parent meeting to talk about getting more social things going, but I may have to give up on that. Sheesh. We've only added two extra activities (knitting circle for Summer and D&D for Jerry) but I feel like I barely have time to breathe. It's been really good though. Jerry loves the D&D game and is making some new friends, Summer is finally getting to know some other homeschooled girls, and I've really enjoyed the company of the other moms I've met. Oh, and we're starting LARP (Live Action Role Play) today!! I really hope Jerry likes it.

So there you have it. That's all the news. I'm off to do the laundry!

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