January 6, 2011

The New Unschooler Is Moving On

I've decided to start posting at my other blog--the one I started a year ago and promptly forgot. It's called "Simple. Frugal. Fun." and I think posting there rather than here at The New Unschooler will help me keep focused on my goal of getting my act together and getting the house in order this year.

I feel really good about what I've done so far, by the way! The house is a disaster, but I'm really enjoying all the work I've been doing and I can imagine a time in the not so distant future when I'll know exactly what lies within these four walls and where to find it. Plus, I've realized that my leisure time is much more enjoyable when I feel I've accomplished something toward my goals first. I haven't posted anything over there yet, but when I do (probably later today or tomorrow morning) I'll be sure to let you know and provide a link.

I hope you'll stick with me at my new home. After all, at day 1,214 I can hardly call myself a "new" unschooler any longer! I'm sure I'll still have something to say about unschooling every now and then, but for the most part it's just become such a natural part of our lives that I rarely even think about it let alone feel like writing something about it. If I do have something to say about unschooling I'll post it on the new blog where my focus will be on getting myself and my house in order so my family can take full advantage of the freedom unschooling has given us.

So I'll see you at Simple. Frugal. Fun.


Sheri said...

You got it! I'll check it out and update my blogroll.

Sounds like things are coming along - Hubby calls it organized chaos and he thrives on it. Me, not so much but I'm getting more used to it. :D

What a great pic! :D

Lynn said...

Ready and waiting to read ;-) xx

Andrea said...

I am getting there as far as not really thinking about it anymore. I continue to feel like I am following you just a few years behind. Best wishes organizing, it gives me hope that I too, could someday be organized!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I have recently started unschooling my 8 year old little girl and loved reading your blog, however I have tried Simple. Frugal. Fun. and the blog page says you have been removed? Would love to find out more about unschooling. Thanks so much Vanessa & Ciara White