August 21, 2008

The Guy

We have an extra bedroom that we sometimes rent out to college students. It brings in a little extra money, keeps us in touch with the younger crowd, and provides Jerry with a surrogate big sister. I say sister because we've always rented to girls. Somehow it's always felt more comfortable inviting a strange girl to live with us, than a strange guy.

This year, because of my new interest in science, I posted an ad for the room at California Institute of Technology hoping we might find a physics or engineering student that wanted to board with us. And guess what?! It worked! We're going to be renting the room out to a student in the fourth year of his Ph.D in electrical engineering!!! Yippee! And to make it even better he's from China! He came to California specifically to attend Caltech so he's only been here for three years. So not only will we have our own personal engineer in the house, but we'll learn all about China! And Jerry will have a surrogate big brother instead of a sister--something I think he'll really enjoy.

Of course, the fact that this person is a guy was a bit of a stumbling block. Warren wasn't quite comfortable with it. Eventually, though, he decided the educational benefits of having this particular guy live with us outweighed the worries (or maybe it was just that he couldn't take my begging anymore). Either way, the guy is moving in! Hooray! I'm going to buy a map of China this weekend and get some books from the library so I can brush up on Chinese history and geography. That way I won't seem like a complete ignoramus when I'm asking him about his native country. And I'm going to practice saying his name (and find out how to spell it) so I can stop referring to him as "The Guy."

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