August 5, 2008


I've talked to Jerry three times since I last wrote. He's doing fine. He's having fun. He misses home. He got poison oak on his arm, but he's glad he went to camp. What a relief!

I think finally talking to him made his absence much easier for me. I started to enjoy my time alone much more once I knew he was happy. I should rephrase that, actually, because I did enjoy it before, it's just that I was working most of the time--cleaning and organizing and stuff. But towards the end of last week I gave myself permission to relax and enjoy myself so I've been watching movies and reading and just enjoying the silence in our house. I've watched "In Bruges," "Into the Wild," lots of "Get Smart" and "Daily Show." I had lunch with a friend, which was great, and we had friends over on Saturday and stayed up late talking and drinking and playing games. Warren and I took the dog for a walk in Griffith Park on Sunday, went to see "American Teen," walked around old town Pasadena and went to a bookstore where I bought Eat, Pray, Love for a friend (I can't stop giving that book to people!) and Breaking Dawn, the final book in the Twilight trilogy, for me. So now I'm deep into the book (it's gooooooood!). I plan on finishing it today.

Things are looking up. It turns out I can survive without Jerry at home as long as I know he is happy. Phew!

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