August 13, 2008

Topic Overload

I'm suffering from post idea paralysis brought on by too many things going through my head at once. It's probably because Jerry and I are in a holding pattern here at my mom's as we wait for the HSC conference to begin, so we're not really doing anything other than hanging out and having fun. But that's not really a very interesting subject. I do have a bunch of other things I'd like to write about, but I can't pick one. So I'm just going to summarize all the things that have been going through my mind. Things I might have written an entire post about--but didn't.
  1. I should have been a race car driver. That's all I could think as I was sailing around the curves on the road to pick Jerry up at camp. It was awesome! But since everything I know about racing I learned from the Herbie movies I don't think I can even call myself a fan. I might become one, though.
  2. A sister should not pick up and move to Ireland with her husband and two young children indefinitely. If someone's sister says she is moving back home in two years she should move home in two years. When asked "Are you still coming home in June?" she should not pause for five long seconds before saying, in a very unconvincing tone of voice, "Um, yeah, we are...It's just so expensive." She should just say "YES!" (Grrrrrrrr! Can you see my mad face? I. Want. My. Sister. Back!)
  3. I'm giddy with excitement over the HSC conference because they have some of the coolest workshops ever (video game making, ukelele playing, and other great schooly and unschooly lectures) and because I'm going to meet Becky from Life Without School. It's so exciting when the blogging world and the real world collide!
  4. When Jerry and I were at the Exploratrorium in San Francisco (where we unexpectedly ran into some of our favorite people from our homeschool group in L.A.!) we got the coolest toy ever. It's called Stringthing Limbo. You can limbo with it but it's much more fun just to touch it while it's moving and see what happens to the string.
  5. My brother's girlfriend is pregnant! Yippee! We're going to have another person to love!!

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