October 21, 2008

Back From Hiatus

Last night I dreamed that I posted something on my blog. It was really good too. I wish I could remember what I wrote about because it was a the perfect way to end my two and a half week silence. Alas, I cannot. And while I'd like to say I've spent these past two weeks penning a comeback post that would blow your collective socks off, I'd be lying.

Even though I thought my funk was over back on October 3 when I last posted, it crept up on me again the following day and it was just too boring to write about so I took a break. I'm happy to say that I really am back to my normal self. I have been for a while now but I had a couple deadlines that, sadly, took precedence over posting on my blog.

The biggest, most important one was Jerry's birthday party. Jerry turned thirteen last week. We had a small party which was loads of fun once I got over my pre-party freak out. It wasn't pretty (the freak-out). But in the end, the day was a huge success and Jerry was one happy boy. One happy teenage boy. Oh. My. God. He's a teenager!!

Here's a quick list of other stuff that's been happeneing while I've been on hiatus:
  • The deck is almost finished. We just have to oil it and paint the rails.
  • Jerry went to a 10-13-year-old laser tag game with the homeschool group and had a great time.
  • We started a manga/anime club with the homeschoolers and Jerry found a friend that shares lots of his interests. She's a girl but Jerry doesn't seem to mind. :)
  • We had new bookshelves and a CD cabinet built-in to a small hallway in our house and I'm in the process of organizing all of our books. At last they can all go in the house on shelves!! No more boxes of books in the garage!
  • Pam Sorooshian is giving weekly talks on unschooling down in Long Beach and Jerry and I went to one. I'm hoping to go again this week.
  • Circus class is still happening and it's lots of fun now that I'm getting better. Once I talk Jerry into taking more video footage and I'll post a video so you can see how far I've progressed.
  • We went to see the Terra Cotta Warriors. They were commissioned by a 13-year-old Chinese emperor. They wern't as cool as we thought they'd be.
  • We went to see Christopher Paolini speak. He was awesome.
  • We took a tour of Xiquan's research lab at Cal Tech. Also awesome.
  • We got Rock Band!! We love Rock Band!
  • My parents came to visit.
  • Robin and Michelle, who we met at the Life is Good conference, came and spent a night with us. Awesome again.
  • My friend from high school, Ursula, stopped by for a visit the night before Jerry's party and helped me bake the cake and get ready.
  • I ordered a pattern so I can make myself a new dress for the Jane Austen Ball, which is coming up in January.
  • My sister (who lives in Ireland) is pregnant but she swears they're still planning on moving back to America sometime soon after the baby is born.
So that's the update. Now I'm going to go alphabetize my novels. Oh happy day!!

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