October 28, 2008

Unschooling Assignment: Year Two

I've been thinking about why I haven't been blogging much lately and aside from the funk (which ended a while ago) I think the only explanation is that I tend to blog more when I'm fretting or questioning and now that I'm feeling more secure with our choice to unschool I'm not fretting or questioning as much. Lately all my fretting has been focused on the upcoming election so really, the only thing I've wanted to post has been "Please vote for Obama. Please. Please. Please." But since this isn't a political blog I haven't done it. Oh what the heck. "Please vote for Obama. Please. Please. Please." There. Glad I got that out of my system.

Now I can talk about unschooling. This is what I've realized: I completely agree with the philosophy but I still find myself dreding the question, "How is school going?" I had lunch with a good friend today and naturally she asked "the question" so I told her about unschooling and how I'm feeling about it. I talked about how strange it is to go through such a major paradigm shift and how I still wonder about how to make unschooling our own and whether or not certain habits can (or should) be taught. So that's what I think this coming year will be about. Now that I understand what unschooling means to the community-at-large my assignment will be to figure out what unschooling means to me and my family.
I've noticed lately that when I answer "the question" my first impulse is to say we're not really doing anything. That's really what it feels like. But then as the conversation continues I find myself saying "Oh, we just listened to Isabel Allende's Zorro on CD and we loved it. There was so much history in that story!" Or I mention the laser tag, book club or masquerade party we went to with our homeschool group. Or the "Rockets and Rollercoasters" class we took at the Science Center. Or the Pokemon sprites Jerry creates on the computer. Or our visit to the research lab at Cal Tech where Xiquan works. Or hearing Christopher Paolini speak. Or how cool Jerry's Japanese tutor is and how he's also a rap musician who makes music on his computer and is showing Jerry how to do the same thing. Or how we've been talking about the elections and the electoral college and whether or not the voting system seems fair. Or whether or not anyone has the right to tell two people who are in love they can't legally marry. Or that we're hoping to visit one of the homeschool dads at Activision (where he works) for a behind the scenes tour of the place where Guitar Hero was born. Or about the cool physics book we just bought. Or the secret drawer lock Thomas Edison invented that we're going to make. Anyway, you get the idea. There's no drudgery involved so I guess it seems like we can't be doing anying worthwhile. But look at all that stuff we're doing! And it's really cool and (dare I say?) educational stuff.

There you have it. That's what's been going on in my mind these days. That and "Please let Obama win. Please let Obama win. Please let Obama win."

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