November 17, 2008

What We've Been Up To Lately: In Photos

Yesterday we made a tub thumping vortex cannon. It's kind of like an airzooka but bigger.
And we bought a fog machine.
So we could see the air blasting out of it.
When we got tired of blasting fog into the air we blasted each other.
Then we made fog just for the heck of it.
On Friday we went to a park day for unschoolers in Santa Monica. I could have found out about this park day on my own, I guess, but it was through a New Zealand connection that we ended up going. See, in New Zealand I met Lishelle. This is me and Lishelle at the airport in Auckland the day Jerry and I left to come home.
So, when someone on one of the unschooling lists said she was going to be in New Zealand, I sent her an e-mail and put her in touch with Lishelle. Little did I know Alison, the woman I was exchanging e-mails with, lived only thirty minutes from my house! It took Lishelle to point out to us that we might live near one another. So the new park day was really fun. I met Alison and lots of other really nice people that I look forward to getting to know better. We were there until after dark, when we finally had to hurry off to meet Warren at the Wiltern where the three of us saw Ben Folds. It was a terrific show and, lucky for us, he played Jerry's favorite song.

Last week was Warren's first short work week. So even though Jerry and I didn't get back from San Francisco/Sacramento until Sunday, we still had two days to spend at home with Warren before he went back to work. During those two days we discovered the joys of hanging out on the roof.
Going further back in time, when we were up in Northern California for my birthday we spent an afternoon with one of our favorite people in the world, Lyssa.
She lived with us for a year when she was in college and is like a big sister to Jerry. Now she has a beautiful baby of her own, named Phoenix.
Jerry and I spent a couple days at the Marin Headlands youth hostel.
The setting was beautiful.
And we were very close to the beach. Jerry and I walked on the beach at sunset the second night of our stay.
Okay. I walked on the beach. Jerry sat on a log and played his DS.
The following day we went to a Bar Mitvah where it was all gambling all the time (once we left the temple, anyway).
I mentioned before that we visited the new California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco while we were up north. Here's a picture of the living roof.
And here's the freaky albino alligator.
I'll leave you with that image for now and post my birthday photos separately.

As you can see we've been keeping busy, but that's no excuse my recent blog neglect. Now that my birthday and Jerry's have passed and we're home with no plans to leave for a while I'll be much better about posting regularly again. I promise. Because, you know, I'm sure you've all been missing me right? Right!?

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