February 12, 2009

Furniture Dreams

Last night, for the third night in a row, I had a dream about furniture. The first night it was just generic furniture that I didn't have room for. The second it was the bedroom set I had as a child (all white with gold trim) and last night it was a very modern looking sofa. In every dream I have to move other furniture out of the way to make room for the new stuff and I can never figure out where it's all going to go.

It's almost like real life except in real life it's only happened twice so far. First, there was the grandma that died and her stuff (not so much furniture as boxes of paperwork). Then, there was the grandma that had to move and couldn't take her furniture. We have her bedroom set in the guest room now and a hutch, also in the guest room, sitting in the middle of the floor because I don't know where to put it.

So I have this abundance of stuff and I'm listening to the Poisonwood Bible on CD (one of my very favorite books), which has me wondering why we need so much stuff in the first place. Obviously I don't need the extra furniture. I just can't stand to think of it going to the Goodwill and being in the home of a person who doesn't know how I used to open the top dresser drawer to look at my grandma's jewelry for hours at a time. Or how the hutch sat directly behind the chair where my grandma would sit, with her feet up on a little stool (which is now at my cousin's house in Texas), while watching television. The furniture is all caught up in the memories and I guess I feel like letting go of the furniture will erase the memories. Silly, I know.

I did buy a fabulous quilt for my grandma's bed, though. I'm not crazy about the style of the furniture (it's old but not yet antique) so I decided I needed to treat myself to a quilt to make the furniture feel more like it belongs here and it worked like a charm. I also happened upon a lucky find while Jerry was at Japanese class yesterday: silk curtains on sale for 70% off! They were still expensive but we've been living with a sheet up over the french doors in our bedroom for about four years now because I refuse to put up curtains I don't like. So, sure, it was a lot of money when we're supposed to be saving, but if you take the amount of money I spent on the curtains and divide it by the number of days (1,460!) we've been waiting for reasonably priced curtains, they were practically free!

I'm sorry to be so boring lately. I did have a humiliating mishap involving my gel-filled bra yesterday. The bra is meant to provide "a natural shape, add a size, uplift, and enhance cleavage all in one" and it has for a good many years, done just that. Yes, it's the poor woman's boob job. And, sure, it's more safe than having a saline leak inside your body--and a lot less painful. But an internal leak is not going to show up on your shirt as a gigantic wet spot on your boob that you don't notice until after you've gone shopping and picked up your son from his Japanese lesson. And that's all I have to say about that.

I think I'll take the dog for a walk and see if I can get the kid to come along.

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