September 8, 2009

Mice and Lizards and Rats, Oh My!

I want you all (all two of you) to know that I just picked up a live mouse by the tail, with my bare hands, took him outside, tossed him (not as gently as I had intended) into the bushes and yelled "run for your life!" as I held Ravenpaw back and forced him back into the house. Yes, I went downstairs to find Ravenpaw happily crouched on the rug in the hallway with a cute little grey mouse shivering between his paws. In the last three days I have rescued one reptile (whose tail had already fallen off once and was just starting to grow back), removed one dead rat (again by the tail--this time with gloves) and now the mouse. I know we wanted cats because we thought they'd deter rats. So they're just doing their job. But I'm fielding dead lizards, rodents and birds--oh, I forgot the bird. OnFriday Ravenpaw killed a bird--nearly every day. It's too much!

What will happen when I leave Warren to himself for four days while we're at the Good Vibrations Conference in San Diego is anyone's guess. Warren doesn't do well with rodents, birds and reptiles--dead or alive. I'm sure he'll manage, but let's all just hope the cats decide to take some time off from their hunting for the weekend.

Speaking of hunting, we watched Gross Pointe Blank again last night. I love that movie. It's a must see! And what a great soundtrack. Oh, and speaking of great soundtracks, we took Jerry and a friend to see a screening of Ferris Bueller's Day off on Saturday. It was great!! A few of the actors and one of the producers were there for a Q&A before and after the show. I love that movie, too! We learned that John Hughes wrote the first 60 pages of that script in one night. And the rest of the script was finished in six days!

I'm off to watch Friends with Jerry...

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