September 23, 2009

Silk Screening Awesomeness

Our silk screening class was awesome! The guy who taught us was so nice and really treated Jerry like an equal--which was so refreshing. We were there for a little over three hours and he showed us every step: scanning our drawings, printing the negative, creating the screen, applying the paint and cleaning up. Jerry loved it. I wish I'd brought my camera so you could see the process. Next time I'll bring it for sure. Now that we've taken the class we can use his equipment for just $10/hour so we're sure to be doing some silk screening in the next few months.

I hosted book club at my house last night. I love my book club. It's filled with smart, funny, interesting people and it's hilarious to hear them talk about their experiences in the film business (most, but not all, are or have at one time worked in film). If one of them has a story about an actor or a director who's a real jerk, you can bet at least two other people have had a similar experience with the same person--last night it was Eric Stoltz--apparently he's not the nicest guy. The book was Never Let Me go by Kazuo Ishiguro and it turned out that everyone except one person disliked the book. But, we had a good discussion and wine and snacks, and one of the guys brought Jerry a ski cap from the movie Hancock (which Jerry was very excited about).

Today we're going to a park day out in the Valley where the temperature is supposed to reach well into the hundreds (bleck!). It's Yulia's last park day before she moves, so it's bound to be an emotional day for Jerry.

Also, Jerry and I need to finish a few of the projects we've started in the last week or two (or three), like this and this and this, so we can start with a clean slate at his birthday party on Thursday when we make this.

Busy week. Happy week.

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