December 16, 2009

Avatar & Happy Day

Jerry and Warren went to the cast and crew screening for James Cameron's Avatar last night. Jerry loved it. In fact, love might not even be a strong enough word. He was exultant when the credits started to roll. He said he would watch it every day for the rest of his life if he could. He said it was perfect.

I wasn't with them because Warren could only take one guest and I was busy having a fabulous day to myself. I started off by signing papers at the lawyer's office (still working on Grandma Darlene's estate) in Orange County. Then I went to visit my Grandma Nolie for an hour (during which she asked me 52 times "what day is it?" I still love her, though.). And then (the best part of the day) I went to lunch with my friend Jeff. Jeff is my one and only best friend (not counting Warren) left in the L.A. area--all the others (OK, fine. Not all. Two.) have moved away. Anyway, it was great. But it wasn't over after I left Jeff''s! That's right, there's more! I went to my book club meeting and we talked about The Elegance of the Hedgehog, which I really liked in spite of the fact that I almost hurled it across my bedroom at one point towards the end. So I ended the day with wine and snacks and a discussion about a good book. Good day.

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