June 8, 2010

Blog? What Blog?

Sorry. I know it's been a while, but there's been a lot happening. However, I will now bring you all up to speed. First off, the Maker Faire was awesome, as expected. The one hitch was that a friend of Jerry's was supposed to fly up and go to the fair with us and two days before we were meant to leave he canceled, claiming he was "too stressed" about school. Of course, he wasn't too stressed to attend two concerts during the week before the fair and one that weekend (the dark side of Facebook--you know when people are lying to you). So that was really hard for Jerry because this boy has been his best friend since preschool and he's not being a very good friend lately. And it was a bummer for me, because if I had known he wasn't going to come with us, I would have invited Summer, but since we didn't know until two days prior, it was too late to buy a plane ticket at a reasonable price. Luckily Jerry didn't dwell on it while we were at the fair and we all ended up having a terrific time. There was so much to do and see!

 My nephew, Carson went with us on Sunday and had a great time playing with Legos and making marble runs.
At one point on Saturday, we were standing in a crowd waiting for Adam Savage from MythBusters to speak and Jerry struck up a conversation with the guy standing beside us. Jerry told him about how he watches MythBusters every night until 3 a.m. while he's playing WoW on the computer. I was all ready for a disapproving look from the guy, but instead he said, "Up until 3 A.m.!? Let me take a wild stab in the dark and guess that you homeschool like us." What a relief! 

So, the fair was great. We flew home Monday afternoon. I went to class, then Tuesday morning Warren helped me take the boxes of books for Malawi to the library. So I got those shipped, stopped in for a celebratory breakfast burrito at my favorite hole-in-the-wall Mexican place, packed the car for LIFE is Good and headed North.

We stayed at my mom's Tuesday night (I skipped class), then left early Wednesday for the last portion of the trip. We made a stop in Ashland and were just in time to visit my friend (another unschooler), Becky, during her few free moments of the day, then got back on the road and made it to Vancouver around 8.

The conference was marvelous. Jerry and his friend, Senna, hosted a Pokemon funshop that was a big hit.
I brought Pikachu cut outs for the kids to make into hats and it was great to see everyone wearing them. Here's Violet looking adorable in her Pikachu hat.
I can't really explain in words how fabulous the conference was, but Ronnie has done just that in a list of nouns from A to Z. I highly suggest you take a look and then make plans to be there next year.

So, LIFE is Good. Return home. Rush to class. Spend the rest of the week preparing for a group project and finals while Jerry played his new favorite XBox game, Borderlands. Jerry was really focused on the game until he beat it and was sorely disappointed in the ending. Still, he thinks he might buy one of his own (he'd been playing a rented copy). Jerry seems to be coming out of the gaming bubble a bit more these days and I really like that.

A couple nights ago Jerry and I had gone into the front yard to start drawing some sidewalk art (because you're never too old for sidewalk chalk), when Patsy started barking. I looked across the street to where she was staring and saw a police officer, with her weapon drawn, heading up my neighbor's driveway. I rushed Jerry into the house, called my neighbor to be sure his daughter was inside, then looked out the window to see another cop with a long range weapon aimed up the driveway of the next building over. Then there were two others, also with guns drawn, inside my next door neighbors trash can enclosure. I took this picture of some of the cops across the street, but it's through the window so it's not very good.

So anyway, we went to the room of the house where we thought we'd be least likely to be caught in the crossfire and just hung out for an hour or so. We cleaned. We played a card game. Warren was home so he joined in. It was a little nerve wracking and it really made me feel for the people who live in the inner city and experience this kind of thing more regularly. We've been in this house ten years and this was a first.

When the police finally left we learned that a couple in the apartment across the street were having an argument and the guy pulled out a gun. Nice, huh? Nice to know our neighbors are packing heat. Ugh. I hate to even think about it, really. Still, no shots were fired and we did really enjoy our time together. We kept the family vibe going that night. Jerry and I did our sidewalk art (partially inspired by the police encounter, as you might guess.).
Then we all ate dinner and watched the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie (thumbs down) because Warren is going start start working on the fourth (yes, there is going to be another one) on Thursday. So, hooray! Warren finally got a full-length job! Yippee! And that's not the only good news. He will be in London for two months! So we're going to London again. Wahoo! And we'll get to visit Schuyler and David and Simon and Linnea. And maybe I'll get to meet some blogging buddies (Lynn?). And we can visit the woman who saved Jerry's life after his bike accident four years ago. And now that we have places to stay for free in Paris, Geneva, and Bern (thanks to the house swapping) we may even be able to squeeze in an excursion to France and Switzerland!! I'm trying not to get too excited because the film business is so changeable, but it's hard to remain calm about it all.

In other good news, I survived the group project presentation in my Library 101 class. Now I just have a final tonight, another one next Monday, and then summer officially begins.

Bring it on!


Frank said...

Phew! Girl, you're making me tired just reading that!

It was swell to see you at LiG. Have fun in all your upcoming adventures!

Lynn said...

WOW exciting stuff...Like Frank I am tired reading it:-) How fab if we could meet up - keep me posted!!x

Cate said...

What a fun few weeks you've had....and 2 months in London - sigh - that would be a dream come true for me.

OK, off to tell J that there is definitely a 4th pirates movie - he'll be thrilled :-)

JJ Ross said...

off to tell J that there is definitely a 4th pirates movie - he'll be thrilled :-)

Same here! As much as I was enjoying the travelogue, when I saw that, I was off to Young Son with the news! Tell Warren he's a hero to untold unschoolers online. :D

Shady Lady said...

Hold on a minute while I catch my breath!! My goodness, you are a busy woman!!

It was awesome meeting you at LiG and I hope to spend more time there and talking to you next year.

Love your sidewalk art! You have inspired me to get more creative on the sidewalks...once we move. Everything is once we move.

And London for two months!!
A W E S O M E! And yay for a full length job, too!

Colleen said...

It's true. It has been a crazy couple of months! Lynn, I really hope we get to meet! JJ and Cathy, I told Warren your boys were very excited about the upcoming film. He was glad to hear it. :) And Bonni and Frank, it was so great to see you both at the conference and to actually have time to talk. Sometimes it seems like I see people, but never really get to talk to them much. So I was glad I was able to see you and talk to you both!

Sheri said...

Well that was a blog post and a half! :)

Your pics are just awesome...makes me get a real feel for what it was like.

Glad to hear that things are going so well, exciting stuff going on.

Very scary about the cops though, guns drawn and everything...yikes.

And I can see where it might be difficult to not get too excited about Europe. Sounds fabulous.

Good luck on your finals!

Anonymous said...

Wow lots going on!

If you are going to next year's Maker Faire you might be interested in this group that just started for homeschoolers who DIY at the faire: