December 22, 2008

Custom Vinyl & Earle's Departure

I was searching through my iPhoto library for a particular picture and stumbled upon these photos of the custom vinyl show Jerry took part in back in October. It was at one of our favorite stores, Monkeyhouse Toys, here in Silver Lake.

Jerry contributed six pieces to the show. These two, the devil and angel, are my favorite.The two just above Jerry's head are his as well. They're called "Robber" and "Space Cop."
The artists that make these things are so creative.
It's amazing to see what people come up with.
Some of them are hilarious.Most of the artists are adults, but the store owner, Myra, always tries to get a few kids in her shows.
Okay, onto the real reason I was searching through my photos this morning. I was looking for a picture of my grandma's husband, Earle. Earle turned 92 last week. He and my grandma met late in life, lived together for a long time, traveled the world (or part of it, anyway) and finally married, maybe ten years or so ago. Earle was one of the original California surfers. He continued to ride the waves well into his seventies. He's loving and sweet and so good to my grandma (who went through more than her fair share of not-so-good-guys in her life). Earle has been in the hospital for the last week and a half (with a brief layover in a nursing home), but last night the doctors sent him home for hospice care. His body is shutting down.
So today we'll be going down to spend the day with him and my grandma. We're bringing soup and cookies, and maybe some surf music. We'll reminisce and hold hands and surround him with love, so that his journey out of this world will be just as wonderful as his journey through it.

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