December 16, 2008

Snowball Soap-Prize

Ta da! There it new do. And that's my friend Poliana with the identical haircut. We didn't plan it. Poliana used to babysit Jerry back in the day when I was taking acting classes twice a week and working out with a personal trainer and Warren was slaving away under James Cameron's iron fist on Titanic (over a hundred hours a week!) and our marriage was on the brink of collapse. Ah, the good old days.
We love Poliana. Look at Jerry--he's so happy in her arms. He didn't want to leave her house. We had stopped in for a visit on our way home from Violet's (after the super fun cookie swap party and sleep over) and I think he could have happily stayed with her for a week.
A few weeks back our homeschool group had a holiday craft sale and Jerry and I made some "snowball soap-prizes" to sell. I meant to post the photos back then but never got around to it. So here they are...We bought some Ivory soap bars (12 for $4.99 at Ralph's!) and ran them through the food processor's grater.
Then we added a quarter cup of water for every one cup of shredded soap.
And mixed it up, shaped it into balls, and stuck a little surprise in the middle (bouncy balls, marbles, polished stones, a few playmobile pieces--all stuff we had around the house).Here they are drying in the sun. The only snowballs we're bound to see in Los Angeles this winter.
On Friday I finished making the gifts for my sister's family in Ireland. This is the cape I made for my niece. It goes with the cute little skirt I posted the photo of last week (or was it the week before?).
And instead of wrapping the gifts in paper, I used unbleached muslin (50% off at JoAnne's!) and these furoshiki instructions which I found at (my new favorite site). Using fabric is a bit more expensive than paper but I figure it's easier on the earth and it can be used again and again. The next step will be to look for organic muslin, I guess, since cotton farmers typically use a ton of pesticides on their crops.I really want to show you what I made my sister--I love it!--but I don't want her to know what it is so I'll have to wait. Instead I'll post the picture I took last week (or the week before?) when the moon and Venus and Jupiter formed a perfect little triangle in the night sky. Cool, huh?
And here's Patsy, being forced to wear yet another hat.
And this is Charlie showing off his six fingers. We thought of naming him Count Rugen after the six-fingered man in the Pricess Bride but that just didn't roll off the tongue the way Charlie does. We think he's the next evolutionary step in felines--doesn't it look like he has opposable thumbs? Before you know it he'll be using them to pry open cans of cat food when we're not looking.

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