December 13, 2008

Stop Motion Holiday

Yes, I know I said I would post photos of the hair and deck. I haven't taken them yet. Back off! Oh, sorry. I guess I'm a little stressed. Thanksgiving came so late in the year this time around that I'm feeling all out of sorts because Christmas is just around the corner and I've vowed to make most of the gifts this year and, naturally, I couldn't start making them before Thanksgiving (that would be way too organized) so I'm feeling a bit of a time crunch. I did manage to get the gifts mailed off to Ireland yesterday. So now I can start on gifts for the stateside people in my life. But first I have to finish the newsletter I edit for the writers group I belong to and then I have to write an article for our neighborhood paper. And do laundry. And wash dishes. And finish the robe I started making for Jerry. And--you get the picture. Stress.

The good news is that we're going to a cookie party/sleep over at Violet's house today. So I can forget about all of those things until Sunday afternoon. Last night we baked a bunch of chocolate chip cookies, ate a bunch of dough (which I seriously regret now) and we're baking and decorating sugar cookies this morning. Then we're off to--well, I don't actually know where it is. It's far. And it's close to San Diego. I do know it's going to be fun and that's all that really matters!

Which reminds me...we had another great "Family Fun Day" this week. It was Jerry's turn to choose how we spent the day so we stayed home and put up Christmas decorations, made some origami ninja stars (in red and green, of course), made paper airplanes and threw them off the deck to see whose was best (Jerry's) and worst (mine). We watched "The Cat Returns" and an episode of Total Drama Island--Jerry paused it frequently to give us a rundown on all the characters. We baked and decorated cookies; did some reading; Jerry made a Christmas stocking for Patsy (our dog) and Warren made a cat toy for Charlie and Ravenpaw. I was the consultant for both projects. It was really fun. Jerry captured the putting up of our tree in stop motion and, later, Warren edited in some music and titles. Have a look:

And have a great weekend!!

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