December 8, 2008

Danger! Overload!

Not me. My computer. I keep getting a message that says I don't have any more space on my computer. It's mostly because of pictures but I'm afraid to take them off. I have an external hard drive (Warren bought it for me last time I started getting this message) but I'm afraid something will go wrong and I'll lose my photos if I try to move them!! I did move some the last time and I guess it worked so I should just shut up and get to work moving those photos. I have 21 gigs of pictures on this thing!

Anyway, I'm telling you ths to explain why there is no photo of the double-decker deck or (drum roll please) my fabulous new hair cut!! That's right. I did it! I cut it all off. Well, I didn't cut it off. Osmond did. Usually when I go to the hairdresser and say "Cut it all off," they talk me out of it. But Osmond did no such thing. He just snip, snip, snipped. It's just above my shoulders and even though I got it cut on Friday I haven't washed it yet because he blowdryed it and straightened it and I know it will never look this good again.

Jerry hates it. He actually cried. I can't remember if that was before or after he told me it made him "want to barf." To which I replied "It's not very nice to tell someone looking at them makes you want to barf." "I didn't mean looking at you," he said, "I meant your hair." Ah.

In his defense, my hair has always belonged, in part, to Jerry. He never had a blankie or a binkie--he had my hair. He used to hold it in his little hand while he nursed and then, when he was older, he'd wrap it around his fingers while he slept. So I understand. But, I explained, I needed a change and hair is just about the easiest (and cheapest!) change a girl can make. And it'll grow back. He still misses it, though.

By the end of the day I will have made some space on my computer so I can show you some photos. Now I'm going to make a second cup of tea and sit on the deck and enjoy our view!

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