May 4, 2009

Blogging Again

I'm going to try to get back into the habit of blogging again. We'll see if my home improvement obsession allows room for sitting at the kitchen table in my pajamas every morning telling the world the fascinating story of how I spend my days.

I'm sure you're all dying to know if I really am dying of lung cancer. The answer is no. It turns out I've been having an asthma attack. For three months. Here's the thing about me and asthma. I got it late in life--in my early twenties. So I'm not used to it. I keep thinking I don't really have it. Or I do have it--but just a little. When I first got my inhaler I would only use it if I absolutely had to. Like if my other option was to go to the emergency room. Because have you tasted albuterol? It's disgusting.

Here's how it would work: I'd be unable to breathe so I'd try to relax and breathe slowly and deeply. I'd still be unable to breathe so I'd make a pot of coffee (usually around 3 a.m.) because I heard somewhere caffeine helps with asthma. I'd drink coffee on the couch while watching infomercials (because this was pre-Tivo) and, unbelievably, I would still have trouble breathing. Finally, I would accept the fact that I was either going to have to go to the emergency room or use my inhaler. So I would go into the bathroom with a big glass of water, dig out the inhaler from the deepest recesses of the medicine cabinet, coat my tongue with toothpaste, shake the inhaler for about five minutes (more about avoidance than following instructions), and, finally, I would use the inhaler. But only once--even though the instructions say to use it twice. Then my heart would start to race and my hands would start to shake, but, at last, I would be able to breathe and, around 5 a.m., I would go to bed.

Eventually (after many years) I got to the point where I could use the inhaler without the toothpaste. But I still have to have a big glass of water nearby. And I still only use it when I absolutely have to--but long before going to the emergency room is an option. I don't use it just for wheezing because then I'd be using it all the time. I'm always wheezing. But, according to my doctor (and my mom) it's not normal to be wheezing all the time. Sheesh.

So now, after that last doctor visit, I have to take an inhaled steroid twice every day. And I have to take a pill! Me. I'm not supposed to need medicine! I'm just supposed to be healthy! My body is supposed to heal itself! I hate medicine! What is happening here!?

It's very annoying, but I must admit that being able to breathe without wheezing is pretty nice. And the new medicine doesn't taste nearly as bad as the old stuff. And I guess I shouldn't complain because asthma is a lot better than dying of lung cancer.

So that's that. I have two other bits of exciting news. 1) I bought two Erte silk screen prints back in the early 90s for $250 for the pair and it turns out they're worth $500-700 each! So I've consigned them to an auction house and they'll be in the art deco sale this fall. 2) We're getting new toilets today!! Woohoo! And one of them is free!! It's a $400 toilet that our plumber is giving us. Granted, it's used. But the customer didn't use it for long before he had the plumber take it out and install a different one. I looked the toilet up online and it got great reviews--everyone (except that one guy who bought it, apparently) loves it. So, our plumber is giving us that toilet, we're buying another one, and the plungers are going in the garage!! Yippee! (By the way, we love our plumber. If anyone in the L.A. area needs a recommendation for a plumber e-mail me and I'll give you his number.)

On the home improvement front we had a very busy weekend. We painted our new door, pulled weeds (lots of them), moved the table and chairs from the front yard to the back where they now sit on our new patio, oiled the wooden table we bought on Craigslist, prepped the window opening and sill where the old window was removed so I can paint it today, and chose a plan for raised vegetable beds which Jerry will build for me (I'm paying him $50). And I still had time to play a D&D game with Jerry on Saturday morning at the monthly D&D meet up and go to the homeschool dinner dance on Saturday night.

By the way, have I mentioned lately that I love our homeschool group? We went on a train trip to Santa Barbara with the group on Thursday and had such a great day. Then we had the dance on Saturday, which was awesome. So, once again, I've been thinking about how lucky we are to be part of such a fabulous homeschooling community.

In other news, we have visitors from England arriving on Thursday! The older brother of the girl Jerry shared a hospital room with in England (after his cycling accident three years ago) is coming over with his girlfriend. They're staying for 10 days but will spend part of that time up in San Francisco. We're going to the San Diego Zoo with them on Monday and will spend a few days showing them the local sites.

We also have two familues from New Zealand coming to stay with us. One in June and one in Septemeber. They're both from the home exchange service so we've never met them. (We said in our listing that we'd be happy to host people.) Plus, we have friends (people that we do know) from New Zealand coming to stay in August. So our summer is already looking full of new and old friends and exciting adventures!

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