May 6, 2009

Out On A Limb

We had a little excitement here yesterday. Ravenpaw decided to climb up the eucalyptus tree in our front yard and ended up stuck on a branch about four stories high. See that little black smudge on the photo below? That's him. I called the city's nonemergency hotline number and said "My cat's up a tree and I'm not sure what to do about it. He's too high for a ladder." To which the phone attendant replied "Ma'am, the fire department does not get cats out of trees." Hasn't she ever been to a movie? I admit, I didn't really expect the L.A. fire department to come racing over, but geez. She could have been nicer. Her solution? "The cat got himself up there. He can get down."So I stood on the driveway urging him on. "Come on Ravenpaw. You can do it!" He responded by meowing loudly and climbing the verticle drop to the lowest branch of the tree. But there was still a good 15 feet of trunk beneath him. S0, I put my inventor mind to work and came up with this handy cat saving contraption.I stood up on a ladder and held the stick/box contraption out as high as I could, letting it rest on the bougainville for support.

And he jumped into it! He still had to jump down about three feet to get to the box but he made it.That wasn't the only animal fun we had yesterday. I found the complete skeleton of a baby bird in an old nest that was in one of the pots hanging on our chimney. I took out the nest, showed Jerry (who was utterly disgusted) and put it aside so I could box it up and take it to park day. Did I think to put it up high where animals wouldn't eat it? No, because it was already dead. Why would anyone eat a skeleton? Well, my dog ate it. The entire skeleton! I guess it's a bone (or several) and dogs do eat bones so maybe I shouldn't be surprised. But still. Bleck!

The house clean up is still moving ahead. Jerry finished my raised vegetable beds (I ended up helping).We have furniture on the patio we built and I bought a climbing fig to plant along the back wall.And most of the weeds are gone. This photo is actually kind of misleading because there are still a bunch of weeds just outside the frame. But still, all that dirt was covered in weeds just a month ago. Soon I'll be planting my vegetables!!

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