May 12, 2009

Hometown Tourists

A lot has happened in a just a few days--and it's all good. Let's go back to last Wednesday, the day before our guests from England arrived. I took Sol, my 93-year-old friend, and his lady friend, Annalise, to Royal Palms State Beach for our monthly "field trip." We saw some crazy geology.And found some very cool, weather-beaten rocks.Then we stopped by the beautiful Wayfarers Cathedral for a quick look around.Thursday afternoon our guests from England arrived. I picked them up from the airport, dropped them off at the house, booked over to the valley to pick up Jerry's friend Jackson at school, dropped the boys off at computer class, and raced back home to get ready for (drum roll, please) The Lebowski Fest!!!!Jesus was there (there were a few, actually).And the original Dude, Jeff Dowd, made an appearance.
The movie night was fun and all but the some seriously obnoxious guys sat right behind us shouting out lewd remark for most of the show. So that was kind of a drag. But we still had fun. The most fun, however, was had at the bowling party the following night.Warren and I donned our "Achiever" t-shirts and bellied up to the bar for a couple "caucasians."
The costumes were hilarious. Here's Cynthia, Walter's ex-wife.Here we have one Dude and a few Walters.
I'm not sure which was more disturbing. Bunny...Or the landlord. I think maybe bunny.
Inanimate objects were big. Here's the Dude's toilet. There were also rugs, Folgers coffee cans, and white russians.
For more (and better) photos check out the LA Weekly site.

Friday afternoon Warren went off to work and Jerry, Jackson and I took our guests to Universal Studios (where I neglected to take a single photo). Saturday we toured L.A. We started off with huevos rancheros at one of our favorite taco stands, dropped Nick and Elle off in Hollywood where they spent a few hours on Hollywood Boulevard, then picked them up for a visit to the La Brea Tar Pits, a drive through Beverly Hills and down Rodeo Drive, and a stop at the original Farmer's Market and the Grove.

On Sunday (Mother's Day) Warren and Jerry made scones and we all took a picnic breakfast up to the Griffith Observatory. Here's Nick and Elle at breakfast (we had our picnic at the tables just outside the cafeteria). Here they are with Warren and Jerry enjoying the view. I love this building.Jerry, Nick and Elle went into the Observatory for a quick look around while Warren and I sat on the grass taking pictures of ourselves.
Then we went to the Hollywood Farmer's Market.Then Venice Beach.
On Monday we went to the San Diego Zoo. I hadn't been there since I was even younger than Jerry so it was like visiting for the first time. The Panda made it onto to everyone's favorite animal list.As did the hippo. It's hard to see with the reflection but the hippo was leaning right up against the glass, resting his head on a rock. He was just inches away from our fingers.The meerkats were a big hit, too.
And the sloth bear was good for a laugh.
We had so much fun seeing our home town through the eyes of out of town guests. Nick and Elle are up in San Francisco for the next few days. They return Saturday night for their flight home on Sunday. Next time I hope they stay longer. But thanks to our hospitality exchange we can look forward to more guests next month!

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