June 25, 2009


We interrupt this month of mayhem to bring you three hours of absolute bliss.

In truth, I'm the one who got three hours of bliss. But I'll share it with you. Granted, it won't be as blissful for you as it was for me. Yesterday, in between working for Sol (my 93-year-old friend), taping notes all over the house for the painters, taking Jerry to Jackson's house, taking my car back to the mechanic (for the third day in a row!), picking my car up at the mechanic, picking up Jerry and Jackson from computer class, and going to the pharmacy to pick up more drugs for Jerry's strep throat and double ear infection(!!), I managed to spend three hours with one of my favorite people in the whole wide world, Zefra, at a spa in Koreatown. We soaked, and steamed. We were scrubbed and massaged. We got masks. Our hair was washed and conditioned. And when it was all over we were lovingly dried off and dressed in a robe. I think the park I love best is when the masseuse ties my robe for me. I feel so taken care of! Ah.... I'm starting to feel relaxed just thinking about it.

Of course, as soon as it was over there were calls from Jackson's dad and the painters to return (I only had five missed calls to Zefra's nineteen!) and the car to pick up and a drive across town to look forward to. Still, I managed to carve out three hours to be with my friend and to be pampered and I was very pleased with myself.

Prior to Zefra's visit, I was beginning to think that I might be a lazy, or maybe a flaky person. I expressed this thought to her and she laughed out loud. Really hard. So that made me feel better. I think it must be the only time being laughed at has actually made me feel better. She said I should make a list of all the things I've been doing over the past six months. Things like settling one grandma's estate, moving another grandma from an apartment to assisted living, getting the interior of the house painted, toilets replaced (have I told you how much I love our new toilets!?), weeds pulled, window replaced, vegetables planted, blah, blah, blah. It's too boring to keep going. It did make me feel like maybe I was being too hard on myself. I've been doing a lot. And I've still managed to take Jerry to the Maker faire, be in the delivery room at the birth of my niece, have drinks with the homeschool moms at Mom's Night Out and write a blog post every now and then.

I even cleaned my office the other day. Would you believe I found a desk and a floor in there? I had to move a bunch of boxes of my grandma's papers and I almost started crying. That's one of the things that was making me think I might be lazy. I avoid working on her estate as much as possible (which isn't much) and I thought it was because I'm a flake but it turns out dealing with my grandma's estate reminds me that she's dead. And that's something I prefer not to think about. I haven't even cleaned out her purse yet. I think I might save it for the anniversary of her death. Silly, I know. But, hey, it justifies putting it off a bit longer.

Let's get back to bliss, shall we? I did make a reservation to stay near Carcassonne for Bastille Day and I booked two nights in Beynac where we will have our very own private tour guide (for four hours!) to take us to the cro-magnon cave drawings at Fonte-de-Gaume and the place where the very first human bones were discovered!! Yippee!! I am so excited about this I can't stand it.

The one week countdown begins tomorrow. That's right. We leave L.A. one week from tomorrow for Sacramento, where we'll drop off the dog, have a 4th of July celebration at my mom's and then catch an early flight to D.C. before crossing the Atlantic to Paris. We arrive in Paris July 6.

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