June 5, 2009

Home At Last!

We're finally home. And we made it just in time for a quick shower, an even quicker dinner and Video Games Live at the Greek. We must have had a good luck fairy looking over our shoulder because not only were we at the front of a line of cars in the extremely annoying and overpriced stacked parking, but the orchestra played the Megaman theme. Jerry actually wept with joy. He was that happy. It was great to be surrounded by people who have embraced video games as an acceptable form of entertainment. As the parent of a gamer it really bugs me that games get such a bad wrap in our society. More on that later, though. I'm going to go curl up under a blanket and watch a movie with Jerry. It's good to be home!

P.S. If there is a gamer in your life run (don't walk) to the nearest Video Games Live show. It's AWESOME!!!!!

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