June 2, 2009

Fun While We Wait. And Wait. And Wait.

I know I said I would post more about the conference but I've moved on in life and it's hard to go back. I'll just add that it's difficult to think of a way the conference could have been better and leave it at that. Oh, and I'll also add that it was probably wrong to say that the experienced unschoolers addressed their own doubts in their discussions. It wasn't doubt so much as worries, freak outs or moments of panic. They don't doubt that unschooling is right for them and their kids, they just have normal parenting worries and it was really great to hear them address those worries. I'm glad I got that off my chest because I was afraid I might have given the wrong impression with the whole "doubt" thing.

Anyway, we're still in Sacramento and that darned baby seems to be perfectly happy to stay curled up inside his (or her) mommy's womb with no intention of timing her (or his) birth to suit my schedule. Everyone is eager for the new family member to arrive. Especially Mom.It's very annoying. We need to be in L.A. for Video Games Live on Thursday at 8 so we really need to go home on Wednesday. At this point I'm pretty sure the baby will be born once we're about half way between Sacramento and Los Angeles.

We're having fun while we wait though. My parents had a full house on Sunday. My nephew, Carson, showed off his swimming skills
while his dad and sister, Cora, relaxed on a float.
My brother, David, and his partner, Irene, brought six-week-old Layla for a visit. Here she is with Great Grandma Ruthas the proud parents look on.That afternoon Carson, Jerry and I made silly putty out of starch (one part) and glue (two parts).Jerry and I made a Lego cake for dessert.
Here's a close up. It's supposed to be red.
Sunday was nice, but the highlight of the weekend was the Maker Faire on Saturday. I cannot accurately describe the absolute awesomeness of the Maker Faire. You just have to experience it. For a technology-minded kid like Jerry it's heaven.My friend Lindy met us there with her son, Anthony and Scott, her husband.Another friend that I hadn't seen in over ten years was performing at the Faire. She was there last year, too, and somehow we managed to miss her.
She and her husband had brought along their giant fire-spewing snail, The Golden Mean.

The life-sized Mousetrap game was back and this year we actually saw it in action.

But the best part of the faire for a kid like Jerry (and his mom, too!) is talking to the Makers. Jerry and Anthony spent about twenty minutes talking to a guy that was there with his 3-D printer. They peppered him with questions and he ended up giving them a couple of the objects the printer had copied. It turns out they sell 3-D printer kits that you can build. Jerry really wanted one but at $750 we decided to pass. We did buy a video game kit, though, and Jerry put it together with the help of it's creator and one of his friends, a guy who designs computer chips for a living.Here's Jerry holding the finished product.And this is the creator at his computer, downloading the programming onto Jerry's game.We came away with a beginners electronics kit, a book of electronics projects, other cool stuff, and lots websites and ideas to explore.

Our next electronics project will be the Drawdio.

And now I need to go visualize my sister going into labor this afternoon.

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