September 28, 2007

All Volcanoes All The Time

This is a photo of our Mt Veusvius model - phase one. This project (we're building a model of Mt. Vesuvius and Pompeii, then making Vesuvius erupt) is keeping me sane these days. When I start to worry about the whole deschooling process I comfort myself with the knowledge that J is learning so much about geology and Ancient Rome (with a bit of geography thrown in). We're both having a lot of fun with it.

These are some of the homeschool volcano resources we've discovered:

The DVD that sparked J's interest in volcanoes (Mount Vesuvius, in particular) was the first disc of Secrets of Archaeology.

Roman City is a DVD companion to the book City (listed below) by David Macaulay. J refused to watch the DVD (he didn't even give it a chance!), but I really liked it.

Books About Volcanoes:
Usborne Understanding Geography: Earthquakes and Volcanoes by Fiona Watt

Volcano by DK Publishing

Mount Vesuvius: Europe's Mighty Volcano of Smoke and Ash by Kathy Furgang

Fun Books about Ancient Rome:
Roman Soldier's Handbook: Everything a Beginning Soldier Needs to Know by Lesley Sims

The Roman Record by Paul Dowswell

City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction by David Macaulay

Web Sites:
Legends of the Volcano

A List of Resources from A to Z Home's Cool

Ancient Pompeii

This is a really cool experiment.

Volcano-Related Field Trips In California:
Lassen Volcanic National Park in Northern California has examples of every type of volcano.
The Getty Villa in Malibu, Callifornia has an exhibit called "The Herculeneum Women and the Origins of Archaeology." Herculeneum was buried in the same 79 A.D. blast that covered Pompeii.

Here's a photo of J at the Getty Villa today. The villa is a recreation of the Villa dei Papiri, a Roman country house built on the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius. Many of the statues throughout the gardens are replicas of those found in Pompeii and Herculeneum.

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