September 21, 2007

San Francisco Here We Come

I managed to relax and let J do his thing today. The days are so much more pleasant when I do this. I'm learning.

J did spend lots of time on the computer, but he also watched television, helped with some things around the house, put together a cabinet I bought for his room, and played with his marble coaster. I did quietly mention to him that if he's not interested in practicing for his lessons (drawing, chess, Japanese, and trombone--all at his own request) perhaps we should cut some out. We're spending over $400 a month! But he said he wants to keep doing them all. So I'm just going to back off and see if he starts to practice on his own.

Right now he's over at a friends house while I pack for the weekend. The three of us are flying to San Francisco for a computer-free, three day weekend. I'll be back in touch on Tuesday!

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. And.....we're back! Here are some photos from our trip:

The Autumn Moon Festival in Chinatown.

J (in the green hat) is watching a guy carve his name in Chinese characters onto a stamp.

More to come.....

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