September 29, 2007

It's All About Me

One thing I've learned these past few weeks is that if my actions made a difference before, now that I'm unschooling (and this is probably true of traditional homeschooling as well) they REALLY make a difference. Part of the reason for this is that J and I are together more, but the main reason, I think, is that I'm setting the pace for our days. If I feel like hanging out and doing nothing, that's likely what we'll end up doing. If I'm feeling energetic we might do two field trips in one day. If I'm really interested in a subject, my enthusiasm can carry J along.

So the more interested I am in the world around me, the more successful our "unschool" will be. I love this! I feel like I've been given permission to really dive into all the subjects that have fascinated me over the years. I know this was probably true before we started homeschooling, but all of a sudden it's so clear to me that when I educate myself, I'm educating my family.

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