September 2, 2008

Happy Not Back To School Day!

Woo hoo! Let's celebrate! I didn't have to wake Jerry up at the crack of dawn, make him lunch, or hurry him out the door because Jerry isn't going back to school today. Yippee! And we've got an entire year of homeschooling under our belt now! Hooray! This calls for a celebration right?

Me: You're not going back to school today! Let's celebrate! How about going to the Science Center?!

Jerry: (even though he loves the Science Center) Um, that's a learning thing.

Me: You never felt like you were learning anything there before. And besides, everything's a learning thing. No matter what we do we'll be learning something.

(Okay, I know I just said we should drop the word learning from our vocabulary, but he said it first! What else could I do?)

Jerry: (shrugs and rolls his eyes) Eh...

Me: Is there someplace else you'd like to go? Not an amusement park, though--too expensive--unless we go to Universal Studios, we have a membership there so that would be cool. Or we could go to the beach.

Jerry: We could go to the Santa Monica Pier.

Me: Yeah, that sounds fun. You wanna do that then?

Jerry: Naw. I was just saying we could.

Me: So you want to celebrate by staying home?

Jerry: Yeah, and we could celebrate by putting your chin up bar up.

Me: Yeah, we could do that.

How on earth did I get such a homebody for a child? I'm not saying I'd trade him in for another model or anything like that, but geez! Celebrate a life of freedom from the "bottomless abyss of formal schooling" by installing a chin up bar!?

Come on!

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