September 23, 2008

Study On Video Games

Last week's freak out didn't last too long. I spoke to my friend Robin on the phone and she set me straight. Park day was better last week, though I've decided not to coerce him into going any more. Well, I'll try my hardest to get him to go but I won't insist. Or bribe him. He's still at the computer more than I'd like but he seems to be moving away from it again.

The other day we made a list of things we'd like to be doing or working on and I think I'm going to get a big black board for the kitchen so we can list them. I feel like do too much meandering during the day and I was thinking that if we could see the things on the list we'd be more likely to do them. The list includes things like: learn about the history of anime and manga, sign up for classes at the science center, do something to make the world a better place, decorate jerry's bedroom (we're making a "One Piece" quilt) that kind of stuff. So far we've completed a few but there are many left.

Here's some good news. The MacArthur Foundation recently released a Major New Study That Shatters Stereotypes About Teens and Video Games. They discovered that "game playing is universal, diverse, often involves social interaction, and can cultivate teen civic engagement." But I guess most unschoolers already knew that.

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