September 11, 2008

I'm Getting Better!

At circus class yesterday, for the very first time, I felt like I'd actually made some progress. I managed to get upside down on the silks on my very first try (while swinging, no less!) and I can even get upside down on the trapeze without any help now. I also managed to balance on the trapeze with no hands. Woohoo!

They changed the classes around a couple weeks ago and I think my success is partly due to the change. I'm not in the class with all the super talented teens anymore. I'm in the next one down. At first they had arranged classes by age but my friend's son wanted to be with the older kids so I told her I'd switch. I'd been worrying about how I was going to keep up my morale if everyone in the class was so much more advanced than me. So, yes, I'm working with kids who are quite a bit younger than teens, but they're closer to my ability level. And I get to run around with some of the cutest little girls I know. Luckily there are a few kids that moved down from the super talented teens class and we divide up in two groups so those of us from the other class can still work on some of the more advanced stuff--but this time I get to learn the basics of how to do the moves instead of just learning them on the fly.

So that's pretty cool. I'll see if I can get Jerry to take some more video next week. I tried to talk him into it this week but he wasn't interested.

We've started the sixth Harry Potter audio book. We were in Jerry's playroom yesterday from about 2 in the afternoon until 8 listening to it. While we listened Jerry made custom Pokemon sprites on Microsoft Paint (he loves that program) and I cleaned and organized the room. I have big plans for that room. I want to get rid of the big armoire and one book case and put his old single mattress (he recently moved up to a double) in the corner on a platform (with storage space underneath) and use it as a couch, with lots of big pillows against the wall. Then there's this giant map of the world that I want to put up that will cover almost the whole wall, so that when we're laying on the bed/couch we can look up at a giant map of the world and imagine what it must be like in the places we haven't been. We used to have a world map on the wall beside our bed and we loved laying in bed looking at it. Jerry didn't want the map at forst but he said if I could find one that had all the flags on it I could put it up. And I found one! So, that's the plan. And we're going to paint the room too.

His bedroom is changing too. Xiquan had his own bed so we moved the double bed from the guest room into Jerry's room and sold his old bed. His room really represents his personality now. He's got all his manga lined up on the headboard (it has a shelf built in) and then his customized Munnies on top of that. We bought some anime posters for the walls (they're scrolls actually--much more durable than posters) and we moved Johnny the hermit crab onto Jerry's dresser. We also cleaned out Johnny's cage and gave him new coconut fiber and he's been going crazy ever since. He loves his new digs--they both do.

So that's what's going on here. Nothing big. Sorry I haven't been responding to comments as much as I usually do. I haven't been on the computer quite as much lately. Now that Jerry spends less time with his screen stuff (by his own choice!) I don't have nearly as much of my own screen time. And I'd say that's probably a good thing.

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