September 30, 2008

O Happy Day

I was all prepared to write about my fragile emotional state yesterday. I was going to apologize for focusing on the negative. I didn't even really feel like writing about it, to tell you the truth, but when I started this blog I wanted it to be an accurate representation of what it's like to start unschooling a child after five years of school--ups and downs included--so I felt obligated to tell the truth. And the truth is I've been feeling like crap.

I was going to list the possible reasons for the gray cloud that seems to follow me around lately. The list included things you've already heard about like stress from the cost of building our deck and the end of our first year, the honeymoon year, of unschooling, and a few new ones, like my recent fixation with death (real cheery, I know) and feeling like I've lost my sister to Ireland for good.

So, I was all prepared to give you the dish on my sorry state of mind when I opened my e-mail yesterday morning and found a travel itinerary from Aer Lingus for my sister. She's coming for my 40th birthday!! Yippee!

And guess what we'll be doing?! We're going to begin walking the California Coastal Trail. The entire trail is 1200 miles long--from the Mexican border to Oregon--and I'm giving myself the decade of my 40s to complete it. I'm going to do bits at a time (not in any special order), hopefully with different people on each section of the journey. (Anyone want to do a portion with me? Send an e-mail!)

So to celebrate my 40th I'm going to start the walk at the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge. We'll cross the bridge and do the San Francisco portion of the walk (about 11 miles), ending at Fort Funston where Warren and Jerry will pick us up and we'll all go out to dinner to celebrate. My friend, Zefra, and my mom are doing it with us. And I'm hoping a couple other friends will be able to make it as well. It's going to be great. And now that my sister is coming it feels really special. I feel really special!

But there was even more excitement yesterday. Shortly after Jerry woke up we took Patsy for a walk in Griffith Park. I know what you're thinking. You think the exciting part is the fact that I actually got Jerry to leave the house before 10 a.m. Yes, that is exciting and I admit I was very surprised myself, but that's not the exciting part. The exciting part (not exactly good exciting, mind you, it was more like "shake things up" exciting) happened when we got to the park.

A man and woman were in the parking lot with a big dog crate beside their car and about 12 kittens crawling around the crate and under the cars. Jerry wanted to pet them so while he played with the kittens I asked "Why have you brought them to the park?" The lady said they were just on an "outing." Hmmm. Pretty suspicious, I thought. "You're not going to leave them here, though, are you?" I asked. "Oh no. No. I'm just taking them to different parks letting them do their business." Still pretty suspicious. Anyway, Jerry and I went on our walk with Patsy and, sure enough, when we got back to the parking lot the lady and her crate were gone and two kittens were hiding under a car in the parking lot. Essentially, she'd left them for the coyotes.

We couldn't leave them so we took them into our car and drove all over looking for any more kittens. We went everywhere I could think of that the woman may have stopped. As if to confirm my worst fear we saw a coyote near the place where we'd first seen her.

We ended up bringing them to our house and I'm trying to find homes for them now.

We call this one Graystripe. She's a girl.

This is Frenzy. We named him after a cat I had when I was young.

They like sleeping on top of our DVDs.
I haven't any luck finding them homes so far. It's kind of stressing me out. I hate to take them to a shelter but we really can't keep them. And I'm afraid of posting on Craigslist because I read that sometimes people with bad intentions look for animals on Craigslist. I'm just hoping someone we know will take them. Anyone in Southern California want a cat or two?

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