August 7, 2009

France - Week One

Yes, after many weeks of blog neglect I am finally posting photos from our first week in France. Here we are arriving at Charles de Gaul on day one. We took the bullet train from there to Tours, then caught a taxi to the house.
We spent the first day in a jet lagged haze. On day two we ventured across this bridge into town.It goes over the Loire river.First stop: a little creperie at Place Plumereau in the medieval center of Tours. This is me and Jerry.Here's Warren and Summer, our 15-year-old niece.
We wandered around and stumbled upon this museum of glass art. The art was similar to stained glass, but layered.
There was a tiny chapel under the museum.We found some Roman ruins just off Place Plumereau.On day three we went to Amboise. It's a small town on the Loire where Leonardo DaVinci spent the last few years of his life. Warren and I had been there before and we knew Summer and Jerry would love it. This is the chateau in Amboise.
This is one of the towers of the chateau.Here's a little street in the town center.As we walked along the road on our way to Clos Luce (da Vinci's house) we saw lots of houses built into the limestone cliffs. When they excavated for limestone to build chateaux they were left with hundreds of miles of tunnels and people ended up turning them into homes.This is Clos Luce. The house is beautiful but the best part is the garden.It had a pond where we rode a paddle boat modeled on a daVinci design.
A rare photo of all four of us.
This is part of the garden.
Here's a wider shot of the same thing.
And another one. Okay, so I liked this part of the garden a lot.
There was steam coming off the pond.
This picture is taken in the exact same spot as a picture taken on our previous visit to Clos Luce in 1994. I'll have to dredge up that photo and place them side by side for a comparison. More fat. More grey. More wrinkles. I wonder what else will be different...
There was a cool play ground. That's me and Jerry
There were models of daVinci's inventions all over the garden. This is a tank.
Here's Jerry at the cafe.
The next day we went to Futuroscope, a theme park built in the 80s. I took this picture from the car on the way there.
You've seen this one before but I like it so I left it in.

I like this one because you can see Warren in the center but then if you look on the sides you see me and Summer taking the picture.

We spent the next day at home because Jerry was sick. Summer and I walked to the bakery in the morning and brought home a special treat. Does that look tasty, or what?
Later in the day we went for a walk along the river.
Then we came back to the house and played Blokus.
That's it for now. More France photos coming soon!

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